Monday, January 11, 2016


There is one thing that is seemingly getting lost in this generation. It's the vision. The vision of following Jesus. Doing what Jesus did. Giving God our lives, ultimately our hearts. 
There's people I grew up with that seem to care less about God. Yeah, they show up at church on Sunday, but they don't have CHURCH in their heads, in their hearts. Church is pretty much for the party, getting together afterwards talking about the latest car or... whatever! 

To be honest, it scares me. Maybe I shouldn't let it bother me. But really, I think something needs to happen. I definitely do not have the answers, because I've seen children of men and women I admire turn to living just like they want. That is not freedom. It's bondage. Bondage to the one who loves to lie, pulls the wool over your eyes and tells you you're ok. Like seriously the Bible never says that it's wrong. But people today are asking the wrong question, the question is not "What's wrong with it?" but "What's RIGHT with it?" It took me a very long time to get this concept- and to be completely honest- parts of it still puzzle me. For example, there is really nothing wrong with listening to country music, but really, what is right about it?
How many of us will continue sharing the vision of living lives that Jesus would have us live? How many of our children will share that vision? Grand-children? When you put life into perspective of eternity- life is really short. We only live once. We've got to live it right. God made that way- if only we'd believe, entrust our lives to His will and follow His lead.

I pray each of us would pass the VISION on to the coming generations.