Sunday, October 5, 2014

Some Teaching? ALL Teaching

So the sun has dipped behind the mountain

and I finally sit down- to write. Daddy has been bugging me about blogging like I use to for quite some time, and although I thoroughly enjoy it... uh hum! Time? Is there any time to sit down and just blog?! It's like some days I'm up before 5 am and still at work at 9 pm. There ain't no way I'm finding time to blog in my week!!!

But after this morning's wonderful sermon and the hike up to Eagle Rock...

They really are such a sweet couple!!! :)

I decided I have time to blog, SO here I am!

Well, when I was in school- like 1st & 2nd grade, I admired my teachers- and rightly so, but now that I'm older- I realize they had flaws like any one of us. And along with admiring them I, too, wanted to teach school. Well, somewhere along the way that teaching desire diminished and I wanted to become a RN. But of course, now here I am, a common farm girl. (And... I love my job, by the way!!) But still, teaching is something that happens in everyday life. We are always teaching each other something at the farm- whether it's good or bad! And I found a note in my Bible this morning that really hit me-

Yeah! It never hit me that hard before. I have made some great friendships at the farm- with complete strangers, what do they see in my life? I especially think of this lovely lady-

Samantha was raised in a home that was anything but Christian. Miraculously, both her and her boyfriend are here- after a horrific accident. She means so much to me and my life. I will never forget the times we hung out together, going to work early , and just working together. The questions we worked through together, the many questions she still has about Mennonites and the answers I will have to give even though they go against my grain! (Because of church differences.) She has an amazing testimony and she isn't scared to share it! Friday she'll be going to Roxbury Treatment Center and will be sharing a short version of it. She'll definitely need prayer!

Back to what I was saying- I work with her every single day of the week. And with her upbringing and all, I'm sure my lifestyle is teaching her alot. It's pretty much up to me (with God's help) to show her what's right and wrong- in everyday life. What is my life teaching her (or anyone looking on)? Is it what I want to see in this falling world when I'm old and a stooped Grandma?

God willing, we'll (Samantha & I) can forever be great friends and will grow old together and have baking days where there's only a little bit of dough left and we share it, and drink chai together, and share silly secrets, and talk about really deep subjects. I hope that never ends!

We don't often think about our neighbors watching us closely, but I've come to realize ours keep a close eye on us and how do they say we live, does our talk and our walk line up? Or do we do some stuff Monday- Saturday that would never happen on a Sunday? (That, of course, is other than work!)

Remember we always teach MORE by how we LIVE.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

How Great Is Our God

Hey, for those of you who didn't read my post on g+... A girl I work with, a recent believer, one who never had heard of God until almost losing her boyfriend (who grew up in a Christian home) has had a rough several days. Her Mom is missing since Aug. 20th, which is different than the news report I seen. She has a hallucination problem, which causes her to do rash things sometimes... She left without any ID (her purse, cell phone, and car). Our imagination runs to what may happen. Samantha & I checked up the numbers for all Delaware hospitals and called them over lunch break- with no success, much less some of the dunces she talked to- for crying out loud these are certified people they should understand this person has no ID they won't have a name for her!! But anyway! She is desperate, never having a good relationship with her mom- she wants to make things right, and would rather know if she's dead or alive rather being left hanging to imagine what might be happening- what could have happened. I ask that y'all pray for her, her step-family, and also her Mom.

As I was typing this post a song was going through my head-

This is my small way of trying to help her find her Mom, prayer really does work miracles. I know it does! Our God is great! And even though I sometimes forget to keep my promises to people to pray for them- I'm trying to remember them now that it came to light. Wishing y'all a fabulous weekend!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Busy Life?

Huh. Funny I thought life would be extraordinarily fun after I reached upper teens. I'm realizing now how my idealistic life was really off the wall!

Friday, the 8th, was our first Youth Gathering!! That was exciting- building up to my super exciting weekend/week!!!

(Saturday) So the day rolls around- I drag myself out of bed around 6:30 to run see Dad before he leaves for work (or else- I wouldn't see him till next Sun!) Then I fly back to bed so I can so-halfish catch up on sleep... :) Well, I packed in record speed- 45 min! 11:45 rolled around and I was freaking out I'd get lost in the middle of Lancaster! But all my fears were distinguished when... I recognized everything from last year- when we Jr's had went shopping and also when the Nurse took me to MedExpress for my burned heel. I arrived, and like none of the girls were around I'm like ok, I didn't really expect to be the first one here, but fine! So LiMiT training started that evening...

(Sunday) Sweaty and tired... Ready for a break, but still we move on TOGETHER. Our team was moving on inch by inch, but we were getting closer to finishing the task. That is- almost. Until the groan was heard further down the line, "Oh, no! We disconnected!" Sooo. Back to the start again! Again? after we had come so far? Yes, we went back. It was disappointing, but as a team- WE WOULD DO THIS! I finally came tothe realization TDA's aren't that bad!

(Monday) Anticipation built the closer the time neared for the girls to come. Last minute finishing touches. 12:35 our first girl arrives. Then hundreds- yes, literally hundreds come pouring in- till all 240 were there.

Bad attitudes came as one looks at the schedule "You mean!?" Another sighs, "I give up! Everyone else is finished, let's just GO!" I flashed that you-got-this-girl look to the counselor.

Supper-time rolls around not a bit too fast. The director's son, Caleb, just COULD-NOT wait! Then... "You didn't know Canadian's eat dessert first!?" he teased as he ate his Popsicle.

(Tuesday) With dampened spirits and drenched clothes we tramp to the zip-line. Just the thought of zip-lining turned my stomach. The trail down to the platform to catch the kids was slick, the plat-form was none-the-less slimy with mud. Neither of us 2 down there knowing what we're doing, the conditions, and all- it took 4 people to catch the one coming down! NO JOKE!
Playing in the gym for lack of anything else to do.

Pyramid Ball in the rain!!! We losers did 20 jumping jacks for the girls... :)
First Chorus practice!! Living Inside the Crayon Box

Making new friends is totally amazing! The type you can share with and they feel with you. Those 9:30 pm walks in the rain. The horse running wild. EVERYTHING was wonderful! Even the rain, the mud, the slipping, the sliding, the falls. EVERYTHING!

(Wednesday) We stand in the dining hall gabbing, not knowing what to do with the girls being in their cabins already. Nelson & Elaine come out of the bathroom, both having suspicious looks on their faces... ok? "Do any of you want to become certified?" Elaine calls. Certified for what!? Well, all 6 of us tramp to the bathroom, Elaine gets a plunger in the midst of her laughter. And shows us what to do. We just stand there laughing historically. Melody (already certified from Tuesday) takes the plunger and gets the job done- but not without us devising another plan... One for Thursday night Talent Show. ;)

This thing probably had the work-out of it's life hauling all 6 of us around!
(Thursday) As the week neared an end- I could tell my body had taken a toll. Head-ache, shoulder-ache (from falling in the rain), and stomach-ache (from all the laughing!) :( Well, what else? :) What God was doing in these ladies lives was incredible! Changing them for the better, drawing them closer to Himself. Showing them it's ok to be a woman.

^Talent Show^

Thursday Night PARTY!!!

Gumball Machine Good-night Huggers!!

Then came Talent Show... A lot of people were bugging us Jr. Counselor's to do a play, because we had did one last year (First Anniversary Jr. Counselor Play!!!) ;) Well, at first we didn't have anything planned until- Wed. night when the episode arose... Thanks to the help of Nelson & Elaine, Brock & Grant Ruhl this thing wouldn't have gotten anywhere... Your suggestions were everything, the water idea though wasn't used cause this was girl's camp! ;) lol We pretty much re-played Wed. evenings scene with some additions... I wanted to add the video... but for some reason it won't play so, sorry!

(Friday) We couldn't have asked for better weather all week... even though it rained it helped us realize we need to be flexible and learn to deal with what God sends our way anyway! Closing program came- friends & family poured in then suddenly EVERYONE was GONE! Debriefing... then I headed for home, but not without getting myself lost in the middle of Lancaster! Well, actually I wasn't very lost at all, but I didn't know where I was... If only I had punched everything into my GPS before I had left, instead of thinking I could do it on my own... So I got home at 6:50... My brother sure were ready to see me, for some reason! They said they were bored! Very interesting! :) 

Jr. Counselors

Clean-up afterward

Well, there's a rundown of my week- specifically posted for my friends who won't be talking much to me in church tomorrow... Very sorry, I couldn't stay!-if it wasn't for teaching Sunday School I doubt I'd be there at all!

Sunday, June 22, 2014


"Sticks and stones can break the bone, but words can never hurt me."
It's a proverb most of us have heard- one that we may even have quoted. I definitely remember quoting it, especially when I was hurt by what someone said, I often cover up things like that- not just because i don't want to hurt them, because they hurt me back, but because, if I stay hurt for too long- I start forming bitter attitudes towards them and from there everything goes DOWN.
Words can also do the opposite- they make you feel AMAZING! (Like the time the whole office down at work exploded with hooting and congratulations after I announced I FINALLY got brave enough to drink my first pint of milk- don't laugh! I hated milk-- & I still can't say I absolutely LOVE it, but hey! I'm drinking it now!!! ;)) To say the least, I felt extremely good- it was kinda like that feeling you get when you finally see a friend you haven't seen in ages and you give each-other a gigantic hug- it's just an amazing un-explainable feeling...
I know- I haven't always been so good at handing out encouraging words, actually, sadly, a fair amount of them are the complete opposite- tearing someone down, making them feel like dirt. It's awful- especially to family- I'm not so cautious what I say to family- the ones I'm around every day and they start getting to me- the laundry scattered across the floor, the trucks in the middle of the floor- not realizing it, stepping on them and having the stacks poke your foot, really gets those words to fly (& maybe even some choice words- pre-picked for the occasion)!!
And then again- I've also handed out some praise- but it's highly outweighed by words fit to be never said.
I have come to conclusion that this world would be an extremely different place to live if we learned how and when to use our words correctly. Some people hand out compliments almost too easily- flattering many. Some of us know how to put someone back a step or 2...  

This song explains my feelings pretty well. 

*Let my words be life, Let my words be truth. 
I don't wanna say a word- Unless it points the world back to You.*

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Celebrating Mom(s)

So, last Sunday- I was going to be very studious and get this post right on my blog... But nothing was turning out and I was very tired. So I like deleted it and now- I decided that with all the events that have happened so far- it may-as-well just go ahead and be a post. So!

Mother's Day- After Sunday School we hit the road- Lancaster bound. And got in there around 1... We met my Uncle & Aunt and watched the Make-A-Wish parade at the bowling alley in Brownstown... I made the best out of it, since I overheard Mom & Dad discussing that we are probably going to NY over Transport for Christ the end of June... 

Here's a few pictures from the day... Sadly, I missed grabbing a picture of my uncle's truck- he had gotten a new one and I didn't even realize it was him until I saw the guy in the truck- I'm like- "What the world! There goes Jonathan!"

And then- Wednesday... I went with Dad! {yes, that's rare! My life has gotten SO busy in the last month or so- it's not even right!} Saw parts of PA that I maybe saw once to never in my lifetime. To say the least it was an interesting day- even though, now I'm dreaming of actually going to Pittsburgh to see people I actually KNOW!! :)

And then-- Saturday, I kept my brothers' company (or they kept mine) at the Mall... Around 3:30 Dad calls and asked for Randall- I hand over the phone, and they're discussing desserts! I'm thinking Mom mustn't know what to make for lunch! Until he gets off the phone and says the guys are making the Fellowship Meal at church! 
So this morning- Eldwin says that the guys made the meal, and they are preparing the basement for it too. NONE OF THE LADIES OR GIRLS ALLOWED! okay, cool! :) And man, if that wasn't a feast to remember! They made stuff we dare not even try, because it'd take too much time!

Thanks for the pictures +Reuben Hege (Dad!!!!)

& a sorry to all the people who decided to check out this post and realized that trucks are actually boring to them- 'cause whether I'm the trucker's daughter or not- they still make up at least 3/4 of me!!! :)

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Brothers Photo-shoot!!

Here's one of the many times I wish I had a better camera!! Capture those moments a little better...

Love these guys! {with all my heart!!}

And just to add some from the other night (captured with my phone)... The double rainbow was beautiful!! :)

AND as a closing shot--

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Totally Abandoned

Abandoned! The very sound of the word shocks my heart.


 transitive verb \ə-ˈban-dən\
: to leave and never return to (someone who needs
protection or help)
: to leave and never return to (something)
: to leave (a place) because of danger
a :  to give up to the control or influence of another person or agent
b :  to give up with the intent of never again claiming a right or interest in <abandon property>
:  to withdraw from often in the face of danger or encroachment <abandon ship>
:  to withdraw protection, support, or help from <he abandoned his family>
:  to give (oneself) over unrestrainedly
a :  to cease from maintaining, practicing, or using<abandoned their native language>
b :  to cease intending or attempting to perform <abandoned the escape>

While I was watching people stroll the halls of the mall the other evening, I was bored, tired, & couldn't stay focused on my books- that I probably SHOULD be reading, and music didn't appeal to me. But finally I saw a familiar face in the hall! A girl from Bible Study. She always seemed quiet and reserved, and yet, she was extremely fun to hang out with. 
What bothered me though was she saw me and didn't even attempt to wave or anything. I felt ABANDONED! Like she never wanted to see me in the first place. As I sat there feeling kind of sorry for myself, Jesus stepped in and said, "Look, Luronda, you've been doing this same thing to Me for a long time already.You haven't made much effort to come and enjoy what I have for you to revel in, instead, you work from before the sun's up till long after it's down, and never even take 10 min. for Me. Do you think I feel abandoned too?"
That hit me HARD. Here I was- rushing from one job to the next, wearing myself out- so that till I returned home again I was drained and in need of a bed, thinking tomorrow I'll have more time- I can take 10 or so extra minutes in my "Jesus time". 
How many of us abandon Him? We have so much going we decide that work is more important, sleep is more needed, and time hanging out with friends is necessary than taking time for Jesus to move in our lives and show us that He is the Most High- the most needed Person in our lives. My desire is to be Abandoned in Christ- then whether I feel left behind or unaccepted- I can be reassured that Jesus is beside me- no matter where I am- and He will never leave me- if I never leave Him!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Thanks Y'all!

Thanks to all my great friends and family,  who made last Saturday (my birthday) so special!! All the texts, voxes, cards, and all. It was amazing!!!!! :) thank y'all!! 

 {One Thousand Gifts} from Mom & Dad --Ann Voskamp is among my favorite writers! :)

daisies from a good friend- Bethany- she even got them in my favorite color!!! :) love you, Beth!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Donkey In Me

I had an hour to stand and think over how donkey-ish I can be sometimes... Dominic was chasing the boys so I ran down to hold him, (believe me-don't try that. You'll be wishing you wouldn't have after you have to go to the chiropractor, ‘cause he threw your back out of whack. And if you get asthma like me, you'll have to deal with that too.) But I had to think while I was standing there and he wasn't bucking around so bad, many times I stand and buck at what authority- and even what God, wants for me. Often I like grabbing the pen out of God's hands and writing my own story. I like my life to be just the way I want it to be- the way I dreamed, thought out, and planned. But sometimes what God has in store is so very different. He wants to write my story, in even a more orderly, and more beautiful fashion, to the point that I cannot understated why I can smile when only sad things seem to happen and when things do not go the way had expected them to. Only with God's amazing hand in our life can we enjoy life at its fullest- otherwise we have everything and anything to worry us.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Sunny & 75

wow! I can not express the joy I have in running around in flip-flops, driving with the windows down, partying with friends, sinking my toes into mud- yeah, I actually did that! Pulling those weeds- getting these drab surroundings looking more alive!!

The sun yesterday definitely got these guys showing their faces! :)

The daffodils everywhere really make the world look bright. Sadly our daffodils took leave and so we don't have any, but I found these up at the cabin and couldn't resist bringing home a few!! 

Hope y'all are enjoyin' this awesome spring weather!!