Saturday, May 28, 2016

infinity dreams tag

  • Write eleven random things about yourself
  • Answer eleven questions that the person who tagged you wrote
  • Write eleven questions for your friends to answer

  • I'm the only girl in my family.
  • My favorite color is anything blue/green- like mint, turquoise, etc. It's pretty obvious too. :)
  • I love my office job, supporting my farmer and helping people learn about real food.
  • I dream of having my own sustainable coffeehouse for college kids and doing some lifestyle photography.
  • A quiet escape to me is sitting at a coffeeshop with a book, a pen and notebook- hand-lettering.
  • I want to learn to drive manual REALLY bad.
  • I'm a perfectionist, organization savvy (on most occasions)... Took a test once and it told me I was 90-100% OCD. :0
  • I enjoy gardening- planting stuff and seeing the beautiful rewards. Not sure about the canning, etc.
  • Smoothies are like my favorite thing other than Trickling Springs Ice-cream.
  • I do not enjoy taking care of customers in a store setting, but love communicating with them via email, phone, text or face-to-face at drop-points.
  • I would never wear shoes if I didn't have to. Long live sandals & flip-flops!

Here's the questions Jodi asked me.

  • What is the hardest thing you have ever done? To be honest, I'm not sure. Probably pay taxes. lol
  • Would you rather work everyday of your life inside (office job) or outside (an always outside job)? I like my office job, but I equally enjoy being outside, especially with my hands in the dirt on cool spring days.
  • What song have you been listening to the most lately? Where I Belong (Building 429) and Aside From Grace (Daryl Petersheim)
  • If you could travel to one place any where in the world right now and stay there for two weeks, where would you go? Ireland
  • Cake or ice cream? By far, ice-cream! :)
  • If you had to learn another language, which language would it be? Spanish
  • What is your favorite fiction book? Agh! I haven't read fiction for sooo long! But you know... Pride & Prejudice and Sense & Sensibility by Jane Austin (I've only watched them- never read the book.)
  • If you could only wear one color of clothes for the rest of your life, which color would it be? Anything between green and blue- turquoise, mint, sea-foam- I think you get the jist. :)
  • What famous woman (past or present) do you look up to? Oh dear! I have no idea. I really like reading about women in the organic, sustainable farming/gardening career. Or woman truck-drivers. That doesn't even really seem equivalent!
  • Would you ever go deep-sea diving? Uhh, probably not. I'm not a super water person, although I enjoy the sun and water, I don't just overly enjoy swimming, etc.
  • If you could fix one problem in the world (pollution, poverty, etc.), what would it be? I would set out to conquer the world's chemical industry- the ones that are supplying baby formula containing microscopic needles, the ones who are using Chemo on cancer patients (studies show that under half of cancer patients that opted for Chemo are still living after 5 years) and banned the actual CURES to Cancer, the ones who provides the sprays for crops and GMO seeds. Why don;t we all go back 100 years when everything was grown in the garden (ORGANICALLY mind you- there were no sprays for this and that back then- no life has not become more simple since then- it's only got more complex and frustrating!) and if it had to be imported, then you didn't eat it.

  • What is a song/book/movie that you love purely because of the memory attached to it?
  • What is your favorite "escape"?
  • Baking? Cooking?
  • You were given the chance to fly, free of charge to any destination in the world, given you lived there for the rest of you life, where would you go?
  • Would you rather give or receive a gift?
  • What are you most attracted to (feet, jaw line, facial hair, eyes, etc.)?
  • If you were given $500 cash, what would you use it for?
  • Castle or cottage?
  • How many children do you wish to have?
  • Home-school, Christian Day School or Public School?
  • You have to make your family your last meal before you leave on a missions trip to the African jungle, what would you fix? Or would you eat out? Where?

Sunday, May 1, 2016

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