Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Totally Abandoned

Abandoned! The very sound of the word shocks my heart.


 transitive verb \ə-ˈban-dən\
: to leave and never return to (someone who needs
protection or help)
: to leave and never return to (something)
: to leave (a place) because of danger
a :  to give up to the control or influence of another person or agent
b :  to give up with the intent of never again claiming a right or interest in <abandon property>
:  to withdraw from often in the face of danger or encroachment <abandon ship>
:  to withdraw protection, support, or help from <he abandoned his family>
:  to give (oneself) over unrestrainedly
a :  to cease from maintaining, practicing, or using<abandoned their native language>
b :  to cease intending or attempting to perform <abandoned the escape>

While I was watching people stroll the halls of the mall the other evening, I was bored, tired, & couldn't stay focused on my books- that I probably SHOULD be reading, and music didn't appeal to me. But finally I saw a familiar face in the hall! A girl from Bible Study. She always seemed quiet and reserved, and yet, she was extremely fun to hang out with. 
What bothered me though was she saw me and didn't even attempt to wave or anything. I felt ABANDONED! Like she never wanted to see me in the first place. As I sat there feeling kind of sorry for myself, Jesus stepped in and said, "Look, Luronda, you've been doing this same thing to Me for a long time already.You haven't made much effort to come and enjoy what I have for you to revel in, instead, you work from before the sun's up till long after it's down, and never even take 10 min. for Me. Do you think I feel abandoned too?"
That hit me HARD. Here I was- rushing from one job to the next, wearing myself out- so that till I returned home again I was drained and in need of a bed, thinking tomorrow I'll have more time- I can take 10 or so extra minutes in my "Jesus time". 
How many of us abandon Him? We have so much going we decide that work is more important, sleep is more needed, and time hanging out with friends is necessary than taking time for Jesus to move in our lives and show us that He is the Most High- the most needed Person in our lives. My desire is to be Abandoned in Christ- then whether I feel left behind or unaccepted- I can be reassured that Jesus is beside me- no matter where I am- and He will never leave me- if I never leave Him!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Thanks Y'all!

Thanks to all my great friends and family,  who made last Saturday (my birthday) so special!! All the texts, voxes, cards, and all. It was amazing!!!!! :) thank y'all!! 

 {One Thousand Gifts} from Mom & Dad --Ann Voskamp is among my favorite writers! :)

daisies from a good friend- Bethany- she even got them in my favorite color!!! :) love you, Beth!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Donkey In Me

I had an hour to stand and think over how donkey-ish I can be sometimes... Dominic was chasing the boys so I ran down to hold him, (believe me-don't try that. You'll be wishing you wouldn't have after you have to go to the chiropractor, ‘cause he threw your back out of whack. And if you get asthma like me, you'll have to deal with that too.) But I had to think while I was standing there and he wasn't bucking around so bad, many times I stand and buck at what authority- and even what God, wants for me. Often I like grabbing the pen out of God's hands and writing my own story. I like my life to be just the way I want it to be- the way I dreamed, thought out, and planned. But sometimes what God has in store is so very different. He wants to write my story, in even a more orderly, and more beautiful fashion, to the point that I cannot understated why I can smile when only sad things seem to happen and when things do not go the way had expected them to. Only with God's amazing hand in our life can we enjoy life at its fullest- otherwise we have everything and anything to worry us.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Sunny & 75

wow! I can not express the joy I have in running around in flip-flops, driving with the windows down, partying with friends, sinking my toes into mud- yeah, I actually did that! Pulling those weeds- getting these drab surroundings looking more alive!!

The sun yesterday definitely got these guys showing their faces! :)

The daffodils everywhere really make the world look bright. Sadly our daffodils took leave and so we don't have any, but I found these up at the cabin and couldn't resist bringing home a few!! 

Hope y'all are enjoyin' this awesome spring weather!!