Saturday, June 20, 2015


I always loved the way the ad for Radio Theatre's Oliver Twist started out- "More?""You want some MORE?!" It was so captivating- it always caught my attention.

And then I started thinking of today's kids, teens, people in general. I believe every single one of them is screaming "More?" with all their hearts. The next best thing comes out and they need that too. Nothing is ever new long, before the next thing comes out. I can't even get out of the local Sprint store with a "new" cellphone. Yeah, it may be new, but it's not the latest device.

All you have to do is go to the American's most famous, Wal-Mart to see kids, teens, people saying "more". Some go to the extent of throwing fits if they can't get what they want.

But so many people need <MORE JESUS>.

They are looking for more in all the wrong places. 

There is 2 sides of the road to this one. You can go to the side and get in the rut of- we need more more rules, we need to follow more closely to tradition, more church services, more good looks, etc. Or the opposing of we need more drugs, more cigarettes, more friends, more music, more things. Things that fill that void in our life. Really both sides of the story here are quite similar. They are both looking for THINGS to fill the void up. They don't really know what Jesus could do to that big gaping hole in their life. That hole that calls for (I'm talking from a girls perspective here, so guy's just flip this around) boy-friends, assurance that you won't be :Forever Alone:. If you knew Jesus and He lived in your heart- trust me- you're NEVER alone! 

Things can't take the place of more Jesus. Only Jesus can take that- so they can search and search for a million years and they still won't feel satisfied with themselves and what they've accomplished.

Monday, June 8, 2015


Rubies Camp has been on my mind very much recently. I feel so un- yeah, I forget what that word is. Sometimes unreal would explain how I feel. Sometimes unlearned would work better. And unqualified would definitely fit the best.

Why would I qualify to be counseling these girls for a week? Why would I qualify to be there for these girls? Most likely I'll end up being their hero or their best enemy. Hopefully not the latter, but from the polls taken last year- most of the counselors never did like their counselors when they went to camp! 

But then- how am I qualified to have a higher ranking job than the girls that have been working at the farm for 2-3 years?

Why am I qualified to be learning so much at such a younger age? Soul-ties. Witch-craft. Occultism. Matriarchal Spirit. Why?

adjective: qualified
  1. 1.
    officially recognized as being trained to perform a particular job; certified.

    • competent or knowledgeable to do something; capable.

  2. 2.
    not complete or absolute; limited.                                                                                                        

I realize that any people do not know Jesus. Personally. They don't know Him. They just act it. Dress it. And- yes, it turns into an occult. But that's beside the point. But how am I qualified to know this stuff? Why can't the whole world know this? Why am I qualified to be raised in a Christian family? A God reverencing, hand-raising, worshiping family? 

I have a heart for the people that don't know. I want to tell them. They are all around me. Right next door- witchcraft reigns, the Jezebel spirit has ruled for many years. Satan laughs. Just what he wanted all along. 

I've been called to love those who don't know anything comparable to what I do. I've been called to tell them about the Jesus I know. The Jesus that saved me. The God Who is much bigger and better than any celebrity, $$, etc. There is nothing to live for if you don't know my God. My prayer is that I can and will be Jesus to the people I meet.

I have been qualified for some things like being Christ to the less-than lovable girl, the hurt boy, the screaming for help loner (no, that's not literal. Loners are quiet.). Being called is qualification enough. What has God qualified you for?