About Me

Hi! I'm Luronda Hege. I'm a follower of Jesus, a Christian- more commonly known as a Mennonite. I go to a little country church nestled between the mountains- in Amberson Valley.

 I live with my family on an almost 6 acre plot of land in south central PA. Roaming on almost half of the land is 350+ chickens, 3 goats, Bozo the Billy and Sandi and Daisy the Nannies romp around in the grass... And an overly active, bouncy dog- Buddy, joined our crew several year ago, he barks at anything that's unusual and also alerts us when an egg customer is at the door. I'm the oldest of us 4, big sister to 3 boys. It's the most amazing life, so full of little adventures to the woods, big dreams about forts, and snowball fights. I might not do all the shopping and out for coffee adventures with sisters, but I have plenty of friends who do that with (if I have time)!! :) My brothers and I had many a knee-scraped, mud-caked adventures when we were young, but now... I'm running down to the farm, sewing, and of course- doing something in the kitchen in my spare-time (which is quite rare!!!)
I grew up a trucker's daughter,

so I've seen a-lot of the U.S. but then again, I haven't seen it all!! To name a few would be Four Corners, the Rocky's, the St. Louis Arch, Sear's Tower... and much more, like fields, fields, and more fields, mountains, & etc, so I undoubtedly like cowboy boots, leather gloves, & throwing straps. Of which, now I get to do none of, but I'm making out. [I also happened to slip into Canada once, but really have no desire to go back. Except for the fact that one of my co-workers moved up to teach school and I really want to go see her...]
Recently I've been appearing at Tupperware parties and grossing out at the chemicals they are putting into your body by promoting quick, microwavable dinners and stuff like that, because I'm an Organic farmer's daughter... (Quite the change, eh?!) Only after realizing the stuff that is taking place with our regular grocery store food- do you want to switch to naturally raised, non-GMO, soy-free, & organic foods. And I am working at the Family Cow full-time. Loving each moment. I primarily am in the office. Secretary. Oh, yeah, I never imagined I'd get here in less than a year, but thanks be to God- I am.

{& some about the rest of the family...}
Mom & Dad- Dad's a farmer/distribution guy for The Family Cow... and Mom, a home-school mom, and always willing (or not so willing but knowing she is needed) to do anything down on the farm.
Randall is a dream farmer. But he always looks forward to the truck rally, and his Pinterest boards show it all!! ;) And he's an aspiring DIYer...
Reuben Jr. is a wanna-be everything. He can't make up his mind. :) 
Roger, he enjoys going to camp, swimming, playing with his International Lonestar, and BEST OF ALL wearing his Future Driver (Peterbilt) cap!!! ;)