Sunday, June 22, 2014


"Sticks and stones can break the bone, but words can never hurt me."
It's a proverb most of us have heard- one that we may even have quoted. I definitely remember quoting it, especially when I was hurt by what someone said, I often cover up things like that- not just because i don't want to hurt them, because they hurt me back, but because, if I stay hurt for too long- I start forming bitter attitudes towards them and from there everything goes DOWN.
Words can also do the opposite- they make you feel AMAZING! (Like the time the whole office down at work exploded with hooting and congratulations after I announced I FINALLY got brave enough to drink my first pint of milk- don't laugh! I hated milk-- & I still can't say I absolutely LOVE it, but hey! I'm drinking it now!!! ;)) To say the least, I felt extremely good- it was kinda like that feeling you get when you finally see a friend you haven't seen in ages and you give each-other a gigantic hug- it's just an amazing un-explainable feeling...
I know- I haven't always been so good at handing out encouraging words, actually, sadly, a fair amount of them are the complete opposite- tearing someone down, making them feel like dirt. It's awful- especially to family- I'm not so cautious what I say to family- the ones I'm around every day and they start getting to me- the laundry scattered across the floor, the trucks in the middle of the floor- not realizing it, stepping on them and having the stacks poke your foot, really gets those words to fly (& maybe even some choice words- pre-picked for the occasion)!!
And then again- I've also handed out some praise- but it's highly outweighed by words fit to be never said.
I have come to conclusion that this world would be an extremely different place to live if we learned how and when to use our words correctly. Some people hand out compliments almost too easily- flattering many. Some of us know how to put someone back a step or 2...  

This song explains my feelings pretty well. 

*Let my words be life, Let my words be truth. 
I don't wanna say a word- Unless it points the world back to You.*