Sunday, August 16, 2015

rubies camp 2015.

And with a grateful, over flowing heart, I present to you-

These ladies have taught me so much about myself. About others. And most importantly drew me closer to God- knowing I could not make it on my own.

We had a great week including

  • getting rained out while playing softball
  • Jug-A-Lug
  • Swimming
  • Cabin Time / Talking
  • Devotions / Sharing
  • Life Stories / Sharing Time around the Camp-fire
  • watching God work in their hearts 
  • all the wonderful food including the Pizza we won for Cleanest Cabin! :)
  • "Of course you can't play with us! You don't have a shiny scale to play flash tag!"
  • Clifton's blessing- the "Ticklish Reuben" song
  • Trevor doing like 130 push-ups (nearly double his record)
  • Pastor Jeff sitting on our barrel in "Slingshots"
  • the party Thursday night / watching for meteors
  • the huge spiders downstairs
And of course, many other things like Mini-Classes and Creek Walks...

Sooo. Here's the picture tour of our week... :)

Pastor Jeff in "Water Balloon Slingshots"

and who DOESN'T like getting mail?

whoever would have thought this stuff
would come in so handy?!

the EPIC fail

And with that we ended a very wonderful week. A week that will never be forgotten. Maybe to a degree, but not totally. Each of us will remember something. If it isn't something I did. We did. Jeff said. Trevor did. We will remember what God did! 
Love each of you beautiful ladies!