Sunday, May 18, 2014

Celebrating Mom(s)

So, last Sunday- I was going to be very studious and get this post right on my blog... But nothing was turning out and I was very tired. So I like deleted it and now- I decided that with all the events that have happened so far- it may-as-well just go ahead and be a post. So!

Mother's Day- After Sunday School we hit the road- Lancaster bound. And got in there around 1... We met my Uncle & Aunt and watched the Make-A-Wish parade at the bowling alley in Brownstown... I made the best out of it, since I overheard Mom & Dad discussing that we are probably going to NY over Transport for Christ the end of June... 

Here's a few pictures from the day... Sadly, I missed grabbing a picture of my uncle's truck- he had gotten a new one and I didn't even realize it was him until I saw the guy in the truck- I'm like- "What the world! There goes Jonathan!"

And then- Wednesday... I went with Dad! {yes, that's rare! My life has gotten SO busy in the last month or so- it's not even right!} Saw parts of PA that I maybe saw once to never in my lifetime. To say the least it was an interesting day- even though, now I'm dreaming of actually going to Pittsburgh to see people I actually KNOW!! :)

And then-- Saturday, I kept my brothers' company (or they kept mine) at the Mall... Around 3:30 Dad calls and asked for Randall- I hand over the phone, and they're discussing desserts! I'm thinking Mom mustn't know what to make for lunch! Until he gets off the phone and says the guys are making the Fellowship Meal at church! 
So this morning- Eldwin says that the guys made the meal, and they are preparing the basement for it too. NONE OF THE LADIES OR GIRLS ALLOWED! okay, cool! :) And man, if that wasn't a feast to remember! They made stuff we dare not even try, because it'd take too much time!

Thanks for the pictures +Reuben Hege (Dad!!!!)

& a sorry to all the people who decided to check out this post and realized that trucks are actually boring to them- 'cause whether I'm the trucker's daughter or not- they still make up at least 3/4 of me!!! :)

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Brothers Photo-shoot!!

Here's one of the many times I wish I had a better camera!! Capture those moments a little better...

Love these guys! {with all my heart!!}

And just to add some from the other night (captured with my phone)... The double rainbow was beautiful!! :)

AND as a closing shot--